To make a donation

The Community of the Apostolic Sisters of St John lives primarily by donations.
If you desire to help us with insurance and social security costs (which make up the largest part of our expenses) as well as with the upkeep of our buildings and energy costs:
If you benefit from a tax rebate in France:

By Check

For donations to our convents in France and abroad, please make checks payable to the order of "Fondation des Monastères" and write on the back of the check, "Sœurs Apostolique de St Jean + the priory's location". You can send the check directly to “Fondation des Monastères:                                
14, rue Brunel 75017 PARIS

If you are not eligible for a tax rebate in France:
Please make checks payable to the order of "Soeurs Apostoliques» and write on the back of the check, "Sœurs Apostolique de St Jean + the priory's location".

By Bank Card or Money Transfer

You can also offer a donation by bank card or money transfer on the website ‘Fondation des Monastères (a secure site). To do that, choose the priory where you would like your donation to be given to or the general economy. You will be automatically redirected to the ‘Fondation des Monastères’ website.

Your fiscal receipt will be sent to you by the Fondation des Monastères for a tax rebate. The Fondation des Monastères, foundation recognized for its public service (14 rue Brunel 75017 PARIS – 01 45 31 02 02, is the agency authorized to receive donations and tax deductions for its charitable work of supporting members of religious and monastic communities of all Christian denominations. 5% of your donation will be put into the solidarity funds of the ‘Fondation des Monastères’ to help other communities.

If you would like to make a donation to help us with the daily needs of our congregation, make a check out to:
Sœurs Apostoliques de Saint-Jean
Economat Général
Prieuré Saint-Hugues
71110 Semur en Brionnais

We will not be able to send you a tax receipt.
If you have question you can reach the General Economist at 03 85 25 46 94

Thank you for your help and support.  We pray in a special way for all our donators.