The Charism

In the footsteps of the apostle Saint John “the Sisters seek to witness in today’s world, to the Love of Jesus for the Father and for all men.” (Constitutions nr. 1). This witness is lived out through :

Prayer life

“Desiring to follow Jesus in His complete gift of self, the sisters feel the need to put the hidden life of Christ at the very heart of their apostolic life; a life of adoration and contemplation…” (Rule of Life nr. 9)

The thirst for contemplation of the Divine mysteries and for a most intimate union with the Blessed Trinity is the first and principle calling of each sister. This is realized each day through silent prayer, adoration, the Eucharist, and the Liturgy of the Hours.

Fraternal charity

The prayer life of the sisters must bear fruit in fraternal charity: “…as I have loved you, you also love one another” Jn 13:34. The sisters choose to live out this commandment of love through a religious life lived in community. That is why they live this fraternal life in small communities called priories.

A life of studies

A life of studies is part of their consecration to Christ. The sisters apply themselves, above all, to the knowledge of the Word of God, but also to the study of philosophy and theology. They continually seek to deepen their philosophical understanding of the human person so as to be more attentive to the present questions of modern man.

An apostolic life

“Sent into the world” the sisters serve the missionary and universal needs of the Church: their apostolic life is responsive to the various promptings of Divine Providence and it is carried out in close communion with the Bishops of their various dioceses. In their missions, the sisters provide mainly spiritual counsel, catechesis, and services in parishes either of their brothers or of certain diocesan priests. The sisters visit the sick and elderly and offer hospitality and teaching ministries.

The sisters desire that their life of prayer, fraternal charity and a search for the truth overflow in a missionary zeal and that their priories be oases of light and love.