The Family of Saint John

The Family of Saint John has four branches: The Brothers of Saint John, the Contemplative Sisters of Saint John, the Apostolic Sisters of Saint John, and the Oblates of Saint John. These three religious communities as well as the lay branch were founded by Fr. Marie Dominique Philippe, O.P. The members of these four branches share one and the same spirit.
Nonetheless, each one of these three religious congregations functions independently: the constitutions, governing bodies, economic affairs… are unique to each congregation.

The Brothers of Saint John

The Brothers of Saint John seek to live under the Fatherhood of Saint John and to be the beloved disciples of Jesus, living in a contemplative spirit and being attentive to the sorrows of the world. Their primary role is to be a welcoming spiritual oasis for a search for and communication of the truth. They live at the service of the Church in small communities, giving in this way an evangelical witness to a fully lived fraternal charity.

The Contemplative Sisters of Saint John

The contemplative sisters are more specifically “hidden in God” through Mary, and in her, at the heart of the Family of Saint John, they are guardians of its contemplative fervor. Living the attraction of the Father in an ultimate manner calls them to a silent, but joyful, fraternal charity, witnessing to the victory of love given by Jesus to all men.

The Apostolic Sisters of Saint John

Following their brothers, they seek to live under the Fatherhood of Saint John by placing the contemplative demand of the love of God and it’s incarnation in fraternal charity at the center of their lives, attentive to the sorrows of men in today’s world.

The Oblates of Saint John

Some lay faithful, desiring to live of the Fatherhood of Saint John while remaining in the world commit themselves through bonds of secular oblature. They are connected to a priory of their choice and can come there for retreat with their brothers and sisters.

Each year in Paray-le-Monial (Center of France) for the Feast of Pentecost, families, friends and all those close to the community are invited to join the brothers, sisters and the oblates for three days of retreat. Investitures, temporary professions and perpetual professions as well as commitments of oblates mark these days of family gathering.