Saint John

« Among the Apostles and Evangelists, John has a unique place because the Holy Spirit chose him to be the one through whom the Word of Jesus would be kept and proclaimed in an ultimate way. According to the Tradition and the current teaching of the Church, it can be said that John the Evangelist is indeed the Beloved Disciple of Jesus: he who faithfully followed Jesus even unto the Cross, and who received Mary, the one entrusted with all Jesus’ secrets, as his mother from Jesus crucified, so that by taking her « into his home » he received all the secrets of the Heart of Jesus… The Gospel of Saint John is therefore, according to the Church’s Tradition, the ultimate Revelation of God who is Love, of the wounded Heart of the Lamb, of the gift of the Paraclete, and of the gift of Mary… »

Fr. Marie Dominique Philippe, O.P. « Prologue of the commentary of Thomas Aquinas on the Gospel of Saint John. »